November 23

〈from Tomodachi-Collection New life〉

I was questioned by her “Would you tell me your favorite person? “


My answer was not in this.
So I chose “You”.
↑この中に適当な答えがなかったので「あ・な・た 」を選びました。


She said “Oh! I'm so happy. So I seem to lost mind.”

November 25

It’s the autumn leaves season now.

A great many tourists are in Kyoto.
Their purpose is to see the autumn leaves of Kyoto.

I like the autumn leaves.

But I don’t want to go the places with a great many tourists. 

I have not gone to famous places lately.

November 26

Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament is over.

Yokozuna Hakuho won this Sumo Tournament.



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